Are you an organization or individual at the cutting edge of agricultural value chains and market systems through ICT based applications? This is your chance to support talent to fruition.

Several sponsorship and partnership packages are available as below:

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2,500 USD

Asset 7.png

5,000 USD

7,500 USD & above

The Challenge welcomes sponsors coming from agri-food related companies (finance, retail, logistics, etc.) as well as from the development organizations and academia active both within and outside the Asian Pacific Region.


The business proposition to sponsors entails benefits beyond broad exposure and PR. Sponsoring entails having an impact and actually drive innovation in post-Covid food markets and value chains. In addition, it means gaining knowledge and insight in development and innovation in the area of ICT use in value chains, broadening networks and having actual live exposure and contact to elite developers and leading actors in the world of ICT use in agri-food chains.


Sponsoring is based upon detailed propositions that promise broad exposure and publicity against a defined envelop of sponsor money.

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